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NATURAMEDICIN SE is a Czech company with operations in the EU, Canada, USA and other countries. We create and manufacture natural food supplements that are exceptional in their unique composition and focus on maintaining homeostasis in our body.

Based on this principle, we developed a food supplement product line, which we named the TREE OF LIFE. Our supplements contain only herbs that have a beneficial effect on our organism and which will help you regenerate your body and bring energy and well-being back to your life. We hold FDA and TÜV certificates.

The TREE OF LIFE line consists of 6 consecutive products. Each of them will provide you with significant health benefits.

Because our supplements are composed of herbs, not chemical compounds, they need to be used for a longer time period. Therefore, each package contains 180 capsules, which is enough for 90 days, which is the minimum time of using herbs for their long-term effect.

Our food supplements are:

●            INETHAN to detoxify your body

●            EQINIL, which will help you strengthen your immune system

●            SHAYA, designed for women, will help you regenerate your body and reduce your stress levels

●            DELWEX, designed for men, restores your vital energy and helps regenerate your urogenital tract

●            FUBAMEX for weight regulation

●            INYANGA for mental well-being.

To read more about our theory of the effects of apoptosis and homeostasis on our body, visit our website. You will understand more about how our products support the activity of your body and thus your health. You can also find out about our products on our Youtube channel

We sincerely believe that our products will help you improve your life.

NATURAMEDICIN SE / Bohuslav Větrovský

Member of the board of directors and professional advisor


10 % Discount on all Naturamedicin products for Individual and Corporate Members
15% Discount on all Naturamedicin products for Patron Members

Validity: 01 May 2022 - 30 June 2022