New Managing Director of the Principal branch in Canada

Prague, 17 May 2023

Marek Hajn, who also heads our American branch in Pittsburgh, became the new CEO of our Canadian branch. Marek will thus be responsible for both markets.

Our goal is to unify business and marketing activities and take advantage of synergistic effects. Some existing projects have an overlap from Canada to the US and vice versa. We believe that this synergy will open up new opportunities for further development.

Marek will use relationships and synergies with other companies with which we already cooperate within the PRINCIPAL group. He has been living in the USA for nine years and has extensive experience in introducing European companies to the North American market.

PRINCIPAL will continue to profile itself in North America as a technology and consulting firm with branches in the USA and Canada and a strong background in Europe.

We are currently mostly focused on services and solutions within Microsoft competence. However, our goal is to also sell selected solutions from the field of telemedicine, for example, and products from partners such as Brighten Digital or KPCS. We would like to use existing relationships not only in the private sector, but also with other entities from the non-profit or state sector. We also want to profit from the current cooperation with Universities, which help us with the validation of market potential, among other things.

We greatly appreciate the strong support of both the Czech embassy in Washington D.C. and the consulates in New York and Toronto, as well as the Pennsylvania government, honorary consuls and other organizations and individuals with whom we have established relationships in recent years.

Mark’s main goal for this year is to stabilize and strengthen the sales team and improve processes within presale activities and current and future projects. Building the Principal Technologies brand in both the US and Canada is also one of the priorities.