UNYP's Communication & Media program receives 10 year accreditation!

We are proud to announce that the Czech Ministry of Education has granted a ten year accreditation (the maximum number of years permitted by law) to UNYP’s Communication and Media program. This successful accreditation is the result of our commitment to providing high-quality education and creating the best opportunities for our students and alumni. UNYP’s Communication and Media program is designed to help our students develop effective communication techniques which can be applied to any audience at any level. We train future professionals who understand the dynamics of media change and can use their insights to solve contemporary problems. 

What is accreditation and why is it important? 

Accreditation is the process of evaluation and validation of higher education establishments, carried out by an external body. “I tell applicants and parents to think of accreditation as a guarantee,” says Todd Nesbitt, Dean of School of Communication and Media at UNYP. “Education is an investment with considerable financial impact. When I pay for something, I want a guarantee that what I am paying for is reputable. A degree in this regard is no different. Accreditation is proof that it has been rigorously inspected, and is of the expected quality.” 

Each higher education program is typically assessed using the following criteria: program objectives and goals; student requirements for admissions; available student services; overall quality of education; the reputation of the faculty. 

In the Czech Republic, academic accreditation procedures are carried out by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education, founded in 2016. During the evaluation of UNYP's Communication and Media major, the National Accreditation Bureau noted its balance of theoretical and practical subjects, international focus of studies and small class sizes, the latter of which is very important in this field of study. The Accreditation Bureau also expressed an interest in the increase in the program’s research output. “The National Accreditation Bureau is quite right to pressure schools to increase their research output because we depend on higher education institutions to provide new knowledge,” Nesbitt says.

Why study Communication and Media at the University of New York in Prague?

A degree in Communication and Media from UNYP gives you the ability to explore a wide variety of careers in different fields, from public relations and social media to politics and journalism. Communication media have transformed our lives in recent years, by bringing human interaction to a highly interconnected and sophisticated level. In the present age, digital media extends to all people, rather than a limited audience. Communication media continues to change the way we think, live and work and has become one of only ‘recession-proof’ fields – meaning that a future economic downturn won’t affect the need for communication graduates.