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Prague College becomes Prague City University!

Seventeen years ago, Prague College opened its doors to a handful of students in Prague’s Vinohrady district. The college offered a British-style education in the heart of Europe with an unusual interdisciplinary approach that explored the interconnected nature of business, IT and design.

In a relatively short space of time Prague College built a solid reputation as a leading university in Central Europe, teaching a range of degree programmes in English, and with over 500 students from 90 different countries.

Such growth was made possible by a global faculty delivering creative and innovative programmes that fulfilled both student and contemporary businesses’ needs across three schools: the School of Art & DesignSchool of Business and School of Media & IT.

In 2021, Prague College acquired Akcent College, a small Czech university specializing in education. Together they have come together to become Prague City University (PCU). From this union, Prague City University now offers both Czech and British-accredited programmes at Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional and Foundation levels. The programmes formerly offered by Akcent College are now the foundation of PCU’s new School of Education.

Prague City University’s name represents its transformation into a dedicated specialist university in the city at the heart of Europe.
Continued growth has led to campus expansion in three vibrant and exciting districts: the Polska Campus in Vinohrady, Bishop’s Court Campus in the city centre and the Pragovka Campus in Vysočany, Prague 9.

In June, a new visual identity incorporating all four faculties was introduced along with a new and exciting website.

PCU Co-founder and President, Douglas Hajek says “Introducing Prague City University has been the culmination of seven months, and indeed seven years of planning. We first sketched out our long term development as Prague City University in 2014 and our later acquisition of Akcent College late last year created the conditions to start the change. An incredible team of students, lecturers, staff and alumni helped create the new identity and prepare the transformation. We are delighted to continue our journey as Prague City University.”

PCU is committed to developing additional Czech and British degrees for local and international students across its four Schools and in cooperation with local and international industry and educational partners.

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