PRINCIPAL achieved a record turnover in 2020

In recent years, Principal engineering has undergone through a transformation from a supplier of experts to a provider of solutions, expanding its services portfolio and experiencing dynamic growth. This fact was reflected in 2020 turnover of C$30 million, an increase of 21% from the previous year.

Last year, the expertise in testing strengthened the most, with a 23% increase in revenue. Additionally, the company had created new solutions, whether it was PRINCIPAL Atlassian, PRINCIPAL Testify as a new solution in the field of online proficiency testing, Security Scan within the competence of PRINCIPAL Cyberinsurance, or an extension of IoT solution through PRINCIPAL TeleHealth.

PRINCIPAL has also broadened its partnership with Oracle and Microsoft, resulting in, among other things, winning of several Microsoft Awards in SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and AZURE.

In the Czech market, the company managed to acquire several new clients, some of them even outside of finance and telecommunications, historically the largest part of its customer portfolio. The company has become the preferred vendor in outsourcing of IT services to several new customers, especially in analytics and testing, and in software development on Microsoft technologies.

In 2020, PRINCIPAL continued its international expansion. After establishing in 2019 its branch in Slovakia, the company continued its expansion with focusing on the German-speaking countries of the DACH region and establishing its new daughter company in Canada for the North American region.

About Principal engineering:

Principal engineering is an international ICT company with 17 years of experience in providing services in software development, strategic IT consulting, or subcontracting qualified IT specialists. Today, PRINCIPAL consists of over 400 professionals on customer projects and a portfolio of more than 4,000 proven ICT specialists with experience in designing business strategies, innovation management, agile application development, project management, QA and testing or DevOps.