Spring into learning with AAU Academy

The AAU Academy is launching two new online courses this April.

Be inspired by the insightful Czech Heroes and Leaders course and explore the lives of three leaders who have shaped Prague and the Czech people in a profound way. The legacies of Hus, Horáková and Havel are very much present today in banners, movies, remembrances, protests, and dialogue about the future of this country and its democracy. Who were these people? How are they remembered here?

Join instructor Joshua Hayden, Ed.D. from April 13 – 15, to find out what their decisions, collaborations, and message can teach us today, and how we can become better leaders ourselves by living in truth.

The following week, from April 20-22, join the AAU Academy’s Carollann Braum, LL.M., J.D., for a practical, intensive workshop on Legalese, or Legal English. 

What does it mean to “stay“ a proceeding?          
What is the difference between “damage“ and “damages“?  Whether you’re a law professional or a manager, the chances are that you encounter legalese in many contexts,  from news stories to contracts, and from negotiations with partners to emails with clients. Designed for legal professionals and managers, this workshop will help you improve your legal vocabulary, learn the correct phraseology, and communicate with your international clients smoothly and efficiently.

All participants receive a course certificate upon completion.

To register, please contact the AAU Academy team at academy@aauni.edu.

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Wishing everyone a happy, healthy Easter!

Your AAU Academy Team