New Courses – Fall 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, we would like to invite you to two upcoming AAU Academy courses, the last until a brand new cycle begins in 2022.

Next week, on November 25,  Martina Wojtylova Opava will run a one-day course on Personal Energy Branding, where you can level up your personal or company brand. On December 15, our 3-hour Special Calligraphy Workshop with Anita Hansen Hrubesova is an excellent way to learn a new skill whilst sipping on prosecco!

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Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion upon attendance. Full-day courses include light refreshments and lunch.

How can you use your personal energy to succeed in business? The immense growth of social media and online shopping has made many companies reconsider their business and marketing strategies. Today, more than ever, buyers want to personally relate to a brand, and not just the quality, of the service or product they’re paying for.

They want to experience an alignment with the unique energy of the brand. Each one attracts different types of clients. By combining our knowledge of personal energy and using it within our branding, we start to attract the right type of customers. Those who truly can become long term customers and supporters of our brands. Join Martina Wojtylova Opava, MBA, for a dynamic, one-day course, and learn about your own unique energy, and how to use it to (re)build your personal energy brand and efficiently attract long-term clients.
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Discover the elegant world of calligraphy and create your very own work of art!
Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting (from καλλιγραφία : the Greek words for “beauty” (kallos) and “to write” (graphein).

At a time when most communication is digital, and most words typed and printed with pre-set fonts, the art of giving form to written signs, words, in a harmonious, expressive and skillful manner is a treat for the eyes. To people who receive a letter, invitation, or product personalized with a calligraphic signature or a message – it represents a special way to connect with a brand, a service, or person.

Anita Hansen, the co-founder of Copenhagen Calligraphy who was recently featured in Forbes magazine, will introduce the art of calligraphy itself, provide insights into the haute-couture calligraphy world, and give you the opportunity to create a piece of art yourself that you can take home, or give as a gift.

Gift vouchers are available for this course!

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